The Great Pyramid, Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Great Pyramid of Giza, This was built by The King (or "Pharoah"), Khufu, known by many by his Greek name of "Cheops"). It was built some time around 2350 BCE. There is much mystery surrounding this incredible building, which was the tallest building right up until the Ninetheenth Century CE.

THE Great Pyramid of Giza


This 3D model is an artisits interpretation of what the Great Pyramid of Khufu (or "Cheops", as the ancient Greeks re-named of him). Little is known of the King/Pharoah Khufu, and only one efigy survives that might be an efigy of his likeness although ancient Egyptian records tell of him being a Selfish King who bled the nation dry with his egotiscal creation.
This pyramid is located in the necropolis of the Ancient Egyptian city Memphis. This is just outside Modern Egypt's capital city, Cairo.
It is the only surviving momument named as one of the original "Seven Ancient wonders of the World", as well as being the oldest.

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The Great Pyramid Crossword

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